Everyone has at one time or the other heard a
stereotypical statement that “women love bad
boys” and it so seems there is some truth in the
statement that goes beyond the stereotype it
has come to be known for. The statement is
mostly made by the good guys as they whine
about how they are cheated.
However, the truth behind the statement may be a little more than
we expect, given the findings of a recent study
that concluded that men with supposed “bad
boy” traits including behavioural traits like
disagreeableness, narcissism, psychopathy, and
Machiavellianism as a matter of fact get to
have more romantic partners than the otherwise
humble and good guys.
Well, this is not to say we are in any way
suggesting that any guy should become a bad
boy in order to get the ladies or that all women
love the bad guys, instead, this article presents
one or two things good guys can learn from
supposedly bad boys to become a well rounded
and sought after person. Of course, these things
exclude the pompous and jerk attitude. Follow
us as we talk about the 4 interesting facts


Bad boys will talk to any woman they meet

The bad boys are always ready to take the bull
by the horns and seize the moment. The nice
guys will spend much time building up the
courage to walk up and lay his mind bare to the
woman he has known for years and why he
waits, over 10 bad guys would have already
walked up to her. She would have most
probably been dating one out of the 10 while
the nice guy is mentally psyching himself up to
walk up to her.
The bad boy who takes so much pride in self
importance has no issues whatsoever with
grappling with the things to say, even if he
meets more than fifty girls in a month. More so,
he doesn’t wallow in self pity if 49 out of the
50 girls reject him as he is happy with that 1 he
is successful with especially since it puts him
above the good guys who are afraid to talk to
any girl they like.

Bad boys are confident

The truth is a lot of people have a dislike for
guys that are cocky and full of pride but even
more truthful is the fact that most people tend
to dislike whiny and needy guys much more. A
bad guy may have a lot of negativities but his
“Who cares what anybody thinks of me?”
demeanor is much more acceptable and
attractive than the “I suck so much, I can’t get
a date” attitude of a lot of nice guys. Thus,
regarding attracting women, confidence plays a
huge role and it always beats insecurity all the

Bad boys are charming

Women love to be charmed with looks,
appearance and overall attitude and this
attribute is a key feature of bad boys. Bad boys
are manipulative charmers who can use humor
and compliments on a girl to the fullest even
when they don’t mean it. By the time a nice guy
is able to mutter an awkward “I kind of like
you” statement, she’s already far gone with the
bad guy.

Bad boys will talk to even the most
conservative of women.

Any guy that has been to a club can relate to
seeing girls who seem  out of place and appear
to hate every moment they spend therein like
they were dragged there by their friends. These
kind of girls look around and seem to focus
their attention on any guy that has the guts to
look their way and approach them. These girls
are turnoffs for most guys but not for the bad
boys who take their hostility in stride and allow
it have no effect whatsoever on girls.
The bad boy uses his charm to approach
these hostile girls and builds a connection.

Same thing goes for girls that most guys are
afraid to approach or women that most guys
think are way “out of their league”. You may
have asked yourself a few times why a pretty
girl you know is with a bad boy, it’s mostly
because the good guys were too scared to
approach her.
This is not to say that guys must be bad to
make the world more interesting, but the world
needs more confident guys who are willing to
take the risk to approach and get to know all
types of women. If this process is left to the
bad guys, they will continually get most of the
good women.

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