Running text : EPHESIAN 4:28
“Let him that stole steal no more,but rather let him Labour, working wit his hands the things which is good, that he may have to give to him dat needeth.


Every one of us is specially grace and endowed with special Talent and Abilities by GOD. All you Need to do is discover your gifts and use them to the betterment of society. No one is a nonentity. Every human person is ordained of God , to fufill a significant Role in the world. For this Reason no one ought to do bet. (Naira bet, 9jaBet sahara Bet, Bet356 etc) when a man resort to threat and for in dispossesing other of their rightfull Belongings, he indirectly confess failure and in his own Ability to work and become a success.
Defination of BETTiNG
        Bettin is a confession of lack of self _dignity. The bible says…..
“He dat Maketh haste to be Rich shall not be innocent ( proverbs 28:20)
  Betting destroys the personality and soul of the perpetrator, it cripples his Abilities and destroys his CreatSpirit

Those who do betting inadvertently declare their weakness and failure, that why people who cheat others and steal or Bet to be Rich unwillingly destroy there own lives. That’s why acording to our openin scripture (runnin text) God want us to desist from betting and work with our hands.
The bible says there is profit in all labour ( proverb 14:23)
   Working with ur hands, that which is good for God and for people, give you the oportunity to express the perfection of God deposited withing your Spirit
As you faithfully work with your hands that which is good with the conciouness that you are Rendering service through your work, you may be trader, cleaner, teacher police officer, civil Servant or chief exucutive, if your goal is to bless others through your work, you wil be promoted

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