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Beehive city finally a Registered Record label on the horizon. We just woke up Early hours of Sunday to this news on social media. 
KDS RECORDS CEO made it public on his Facebook page today the incorporation of a new Movement. KDS ENTERTAINMENT is the new thing. Check full story below….

We are happy to announce that the name of our proposed record label is ‘KDs Entertainment’. The record label is going to be signing artists, graphic designers, DJ’s etc. of her wish and KDs Records is going to be under the label, therefore, the label and the the studio are two different things entirely. KDs entertainment can sign an artist and KDs Records can equally sign. Meanwhile, the studio (KDS Records) is going to unite some interested artists (More of a crew with several members) with KDS as their manager. The crew would be taking music to the next level too and; *They should be organizing shows and concerts *Their studio sessions fees shall be subsidized etc. Not all of the plans we are having are going to be published here until Kawu makes an announcement for the interested artists to join until then, interested artists would get to know everything. More so, when it is time for artists to join, try and join ASAP if interested as joining later might not be as easy as u might think. There are opportunities for you and as God continue to give us wisdom, we shall one day make Bauchi a 2nd Lasgidi It is 2018 my people and it is the survival of the fittest. #Baugidi #KDSEntertainment #KDsRecords
KDs Kadapson DanBaiwa

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