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Sunday gist: BOC MADAKI visits Faith International Private Secondary school (FIPSS) at jos

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Today’s Sunday Gist straight outta Jtown carries recent activities by BOC MADAKI on Wednesday 24th January 2018.

Qouting BOC MADAKI……

“So I Visited FAITH INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE SECONDARY SCHOOL(FIPSS) In Jos On Wednesday 24th January,2018.I Had An Hour Motivational Talk Session With The Students During Their FIPSS YOUNG ELITES CLUB.I Was Amazed And Happy When The Students Testified How They And Their Teacher Study My Songs And Lyrics During Their Literature Classes. The Experience Was So Superb. Thanks To The School Management For This Amazing Opportunity.And Also,Special Shout Out YAYO, STESH , BUDICIOUS A-ONE And SPEECHES For Accompanying Me. #AnaTare”


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