Song Review: Adaralbahur by KDs,Genex and Mr YC

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Firstly, if you don’t have the song click the lunk below.
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The song on a general note is superb,but what else would you have expected? Its a KDs production. It had Genex,who is and has always been one of Bauchi’s biggest Hausa Rappers,Mr YC who is a jack of all trades entertainment wise and KDs who mixed and mastered it.
Hey MiMi enough of that…..
Now down to the song. Adaralbahur as we know is said to be a remedy and cure to all diseases,so what comes to your mind when you hear the title is ‘This is a remedy to all our problems’ but what struck me as odd is that it turned out to be a gospel beef track,a Diss track as hiphop artistes call it
It had so many punchlines, my favorite being ‘Dubawa za kuyi’. The message was so obviously pronounced it makes you wonder if the song was directed at Lil J. I mean all the lines point at him: He is the only gospel artist who was said to have dabbed while performing(or ministering),he is the one Bauchi based artist I know that has organised a concert so permit me to say this
“Adaralbahur isis critically a beef track directed at Lil J tha childish” we have been waiting all this while for his reply I think he held his nerves if at all he took it personal.
It makes me wonder,when has our gospel music reached this stage? How? This is what Remy Ma and Nicki do,not our Gospel ministers whom are expected to talk about the Gospel.
Enough of the criticism,I actually love the song,its funky and danceable and to those who have ears an advice. My favourite line in the song is ‘ka je gida kawai ka ci range’(whatever range means)
Personally,i see this as a hit track.More grace to the artistes,keep taking your game to the next level

Written by MiMi Adamu Bala for Beehivegossips

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