Press release: NORTHERN CHRISTIAN YOUTH DEMOCRATIC ASSEMBLY OF NIGERIA debunks CAN Chairman endorsement of Governor MA Abubakar second term

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   In a statement released on 30th December,2018 by the Speaker,Northern Christian Youth Democratic Assembly Of Nigeria, Bauchi State disassociating themselves from the Endorsement of Executive Governor M.A Abubakar of Bauchi State by Rev.Joshua Ray Maina,Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria Bauchi State Chapter during a Christmas Visit to the Government House Bauchi.
The attention of Northern Christian Youth Democratic Assembly Of Nigeria has been drawn to the news issued by CAN to media Organization endorsing Governor Of Bauchi State for Re-election in 2019 general elections..
   In a statement issue by The State Speaker of NCYDAN, The Association condemn and disassociate itself from the said endorsement as such doesn’t conform or Carry the views of Christians majority in the state, and by extension Stated that CAN or Christianity is not a Political Organization. In their statement available to press, he reiterated his displeasure and commitment to ensure justice and inclusive Governance. We’re countering this information aimed at undermining the Christian dome.We’ll not folds our arms to watch few selfish individuals tarnish and befallen the image of Christians in the name of Politics…Christianity is bigger than any individual he stated”
  However,He further said that,on the basis of the above we’ve contacted the Secretary of The Christian Youth Association of Nigeria,Bauchi State Chapter who debunked the information, saying they’re not party to this endorsement and also on the part of the Chairman of CAN,he describes the news as inaccurately reported by the media..”Saying all of us in leadership have had inappropriate news content carried or published about us now and before which wasn’t”..
Meanwhile,We the Northern Christian Youth Democratic Assembly Of Nigeria further reiterated that the best that could be done in such a circumstance is for the Chairman to condemn inaccurate news on the basis of above.
  We NCYDAN, hereby caution that care most be taken in handling and Publishing  whatsoever statements made by leadership of CAN or Christian Organization in the state. The ideal of making Christians endangered species in the name of Politicking or vice versa most stop for the sake of cordial relationship and Development in the state and the Country at large..
  Long Live NCYAN..!!
  Long Live Bauchi State..!!
  Long Live Federal Republic Of Nigeria..!!
Comr Daure David Yankoli,
State Speaker,NCYDAN

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