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Bob Marley needs weed to inspire him into writing amazing songs 
But all I need to write romantic poems is to look into your eyes and behold the immeasurable beauty that is displaying from within you like a digital screen 
Before I met you pain and sorrow was written all over my face 
But the mysterious smiles that is rolling like a thunder from your face wiped it all
Even your haters are willing to pay a million dollar to see you smiling 
But I’m willing to trade my life to make you smile 
I don’t care if I lose you now because you have given me so much to remember 
But I will spend the rest of life fighting to keep you by my side 
You’re my dream girl and if I can’t have you in reality 
I don’t mind to continue dreaming forever as long as I have you pretty queen 
They can deny you of oxygen but you will continue live because my heart is beating for you 
Mummy keep spanking me due to my mischief nature of falling in love
But I don’t care since I’m falling for the right person
I guess I’m that chubby boy
Just like I feel every air that pass through my body
That’s how am feeling your love all over me
In you there’s no heart break even if exist
It will be like bitter sweet pain in my heart
You’re the reason why ink keep ending in my pen
You make me to write great love poems
Though things around me make no sense
You made me a great writer, you’re the reason why I’m writing and you’re my inspiration my pretty queen.

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