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Beehive top vocalist Adonis, has released a new song titled “Starlight”.

The track is the latest effort by the Vocalist signed under Sabi boi Concept as he continues to advance his singing career.

Adonis said it is a motivational love song dedicated to all hustlers, lovers and everyone hoping to find true love and success.
“Starlight is light reflected from the stars that illuminate your way. It never goes out, it’s there, day and night (the Sun is also a star).

To the one who stayed when things were rough, to the one who encourage you when you was glum, to the one who noticed when you was off and to the one who caused you to hum (just so you know, stars hum). To the Starlights in our lives.”

Adonis’ creative genius has been felt on this song with smooth vocal displays soothening to the ear and soul.

To Cuppy this tune kindly click Download link below….
 Happy Christmas !!!

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