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Top Naija Music Awards winning musician 1P whom won the prestigious award as Best Collaboration in the recently concluded Top Naija Music Awards carved out something really thoughtful and beautiful.
1P wrote..
“it’s a song for Aliyu Mohammed Diya a childhood friend of mine who was pined by a suicide bomber
It’s a song for Eric Mcben Kyari who lost his life at MAUTECH
It’s a song for the people of Numan
It’s a song for the people of Bama
It’s a song for the people of Adamawa
It’s a song for the people of Borno
It’s a song for Northeast
It’s a song for Nigeria
It’s a song for Africa
It’s a for the world
It’s a song for you and I
It’s a song for Peace
It’s message for you!
I mean you!
Together we can change the world!
If you really feel my pain, let’s tell the whole world that “Love Is The Answer” to everything happing!
Wampana Angelo Wampana
1P Do The Sing

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