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Lemuel knight wrote this morning
”Goodmorning  When I wake up this morning at about 5:30am 

I wanted to go out to Ball that was the only thing on my mind but I pick up my Phone then I saw alot of replies from the Abel Ugada Video about Having registration centers in Yelwa that I shared with some of the contacts on Whatsapp last night. 
People are paying attention that is good which means people actually understand that their votes count and they are keen on getting registered so they can exercise their Civil rights by Voting come 2019. Abel has done a good Job by been vocal with the skit,  we all are entertainers in our own capacity and blessed with different talents. 
I was like this is what this creative skill bestowed in us should be about 
We should always use our craft to shine positive light…
 and in my bed room there’s a Microphone set and a piece of headphones and my writing pad isn’t far from my bed 😀😀😀😀Am sure you know the rest. 
12Noon today New Music
 ladies and gentlemen this song wasn’t planned it just happened 
Thats how I love to vent. 

We all need to be more vocal and not only bin vocal we should also put in to action 


Lyrics of the song “BringItToYL by LemuelKnight


Voice of the people from the street of YL
Laid in a pithole Street Legend I tell
Voice of the Masses  never get to crack this
The rights in the books is all we wanna Practice
We writing a book and I swear God we Practice 
Put it all on INEC we understand your tactics 
You deserve no applause but we out here to clap this
The season is back  they wanna get your vote
But they don’t understand you cos they never read your note
If they don’t read your note they never know the cote
Shady ass politicians all they know is vote
They make hell of noise cos they wanna clinch your votes
But we know about noise  we from the streets of Beehive
Feel the Buzz street Love vibe with a Brother 
Its time to be heard lets put em voices together 
We are kings and Queens that made Choice hit together 

(Talking )



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