NAFDAC Recalls Toxic’ Children’s Cough Syrup

NAFDAC Recalls Toxic’ Children’s Cough Syrup; The health regulators of Kenya and Nigeria have taken swift action to recall a specific batch of Johnson & Johnson’s children’s cough syrup. Tests revealed elevated levels of a potentially hazardous toxic substance called diethylene glycol. The presence of this compound has been associated with fatalities among infants in various countries.
NAFDAC Recalls Toxic' Children's Cough Syrup
Recall Initiated:
The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) of Kenya issued an official statement urging the public to recall the specific batch of Benylin Paediatric 100mls cough syrup (Batch No 329304) originating from South Africa and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) also promptly recalled the syrup, making it the first nation on the continent to take action.

NAFDAC Recalls Toxic' Children's Cough Syrup
NAFDAC Recalls Toxic’ Children’s Cough Syrup in Nigeria PC; Google Search

Toxicity Concerns:
Laboratory analysis revealed an unacceptable high level of diethylene glycol in the cough syrup, which has been shown to cause acute oral toxicity in laboratory animals. The recalled syrup is commonly used to treat cough, congestion-related symptoms, high fever, and allergic reactions in children aged two to 12.

Urgency and Safety Measures:
Kenya, responding to NAFDAC’s recall notification, emphasized the urgency of the situation. The PPB is currently sampling significant quantities of the syrup within its authority to determine the levels of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Individuals in possession of the affected batch (manufactured in May 2021) are strongly advised not to consume the product. Instead, they should return it to the point of purchase or a designated collection point for safe disposal.

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The recall of the children’s cough syrup in Kenya and Nigeria demonstrates the proactive measures taken by their health regulators to safeguard public health. The presence of elevated levels of diethylene glycol in the syrup raises serious concerns and highlights the importance of rigorous testing and quality control in pharmaceutical products. The safety and well-being of children remain a top priority, and consumers are urged to comply with the recall for their protection.

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NAFDAC Recalls Toxic’ Children’s Cough Syrup

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