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Na You – Samiguy Ft. DJ Ernesty

Na You – Samiguy Ft. DJ Ernesty || Lagos, Nigeria.In an uplifting blend of vibrant rhythms and spiritual fervor, Samiguy, the Lagos-based gospel sensation, has teamed up with Abuja’s own DJ Ernesty to release a new gospel Afrobeat single titled “Na You.” This exhilarating track is now available on all major streaming platforms.

“Na You” emerges as a profound expression of gratitude and adoration towards God’s unfailing love and wonders. Samiguy’s soul-stirring lyrics combined with DJ Ernesty’s electrifying Afrobeat production create an atmosphere of joy and thanksgiving that is guaranteed to inspire listeners around the globe.

The collaboration between Samiguy and DJ Ernesty is a powerful testament to the unifying spirit of gospel music, bringing together two influential artists from Nigeria’s vibrant music scene. Samiguy, known for his heartfelt melodies and uplifting messages, joins forces with DJ Ernesty, a pioneer in gospel Afrobeat, to craft a song that celebrates the glory of God in an infectious and compelling way.

Speaking on the release, Samiguy shared, “This song is a reminder that every moment of our lives is a testament to God’s love and power. ‘Na You’ is our way of giving all the glory back to Him, acknowledging that everything we achieve is through His will.”

While “Na You” marks an important moment in both artists’ careers, it also serves as a beacon of hope and faith in a time when the world needs it most. The song’s catchy beat and uplifting message are a perfect encapsulation of the joy and resilience found in gospel music.

Though there are no immediate plans for a tour, fans of Samiguy and DJ Ernesty can look forward to more inspirational content and collaborations in the future. “Na You” is not just a song; it’s a movement towards deeper faith and greater joy.

Stream “Na You” today and let the powerful message of faith, love, and gratitude fill your heart with joy.

About Samiguy: Samiguy is a gospel artist hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, known for his unique blend of traditional gospel music with contemporary sounds. His music is a vessel for spreading hope and positivity, making him a beloved figure in the gospel music community.

Na You - Samiguy Ft. DJ Ernesty

About DJ Ernesty: DJ Ernesty is one of Abuja’s finest gospel DJs and music producers, renowned for his ability to merge traditional gospel themes with modern Afrobeat energy. His work in the gospel music industry has been a source of inspiration to many.

Na You - Samiguy Ft. DJ Ernesty
DJ Ernesty

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