Gone are the days we depend on CD plates burning, Floppy disk copying for transfer of audio files from one location to another. Technology has taken over. Digitalization is taking over the music industry and as an artiste (upcoming for that matter) there is need for you to know some of this common things like sending audio file via mail box, uploading your contents on soundclound or any file hosting sites. Because at this age you shouldn’t be always asking or paying someone to do that for you. For that reason I decided to make this article HOW TO SEND AUDIO FILE VIA MAIL USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE
It’s unprofessional to send audio files via WhatsApp for promotion because WhatsApp audio files reduces the audio quality by far likewise cover art photo qualities reduces when shared via WhatsApp.


Screenshot 2017 07 18 09 26 11

Fill in the form boxes as needed. For example, enter an address in the “To” box, a title describing the music file in the “Subject” box and a note in the bottom text box.

Screenshot 2017 07 18 09 28 11

Step 3
Click the “Attach a File” option to display a file dialog box. Navigate to the location in which your music file is located. If you cannot find a particular file due to the number of files being displayed, constrain the display by typing an asterisk (), a period (.) and the music file extension in the “File Name” box. For example, type “.MP3” to display MP3 files.

Screenshot 2017 07 18 09 31 12

Step 4
Click on the file. The file is attached below the “Subject” box. The number of files you can add is restricted only by your email provider. For example, Gmail allows messages of up to 20MB.

Screenshot 2017 07 18 09 42 24

Step 5
Note that in some email programs, the file appears within the email text itself. In that case, you can move the file within the text by clicking it and dragging it.

Screenshot 2017 07 18 09 51 59

Step 6
Click the “Send” button to send the email with the attachment.

And that’s all you done sending your audio file

Hope it was helpful.
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