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In a place where ones cool factor is primarily determined by numbers of club bangers which induce today’s listener into an energetic trance. Lemuel knight represents what has become a rare intersection of  penmanship (such an amazing lyricist ) making it out of hard living where others have easily succumbed. Lendo tells us about his foremost choices (  But then I made a choice to connect with real Niggers ) which has so far proven to be his major turning point also knight took us back to high school when he and five of his friends form a hip hop group getting records from Scopes the mix master

I really enjoyed the sampled voice, production was top notch.
first verse sees Lemuel knight retrospective ventilation of the years he had under his belt as a hip hop artiste, it was very emotional when he said “I was all sonk in the rap Game clone me
My own true Fam is about to disown me
My life is on the line only rap is on my mind
I was dead focus ego big bogus “
See to me This song is one of the most important song knight has written, while I was listening I felt to have known knight like 100%. 
punchlines upon punchlines making it difficult to some low IQ listeners to  depict two to three lines completely and sequentially.
The hook to the track is great and dope
 “always gat a choice x2
Yeah the least of sh!t we do
Use your voice and speak the truth 
On a closing note, Lemuel knight has proven to be a hip hop loyalist lot of time with great story telling ability “CHOICE” is nothing different from his real self. Always seek knowledge hommie. 

Check full track below


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