Not that kind of girl (episode1)
See ehn,I’m tired of all these guys thinking every lady is after money,no we are not. There are few enterprising and independent ones you know,those who are after money but they struggle for it themselves. Its not always beauty without brains you know,some of us beautiful ladies have brains in our skulls.
“Kini” my friend Zainab called out loudly from the parlour. She is and has always been my most trustworthy friend and sh has always told me ‘Kiki,you can do better than that. Just give it a try’ or ‘Try harder Kini,stop being such a lazy ass’
She is such a hardworking lady. At 21,that was during our final year in school she already had a car of her own. She is the first northern girl I know that worked her way to the pinnacle of the business and fashion world without depending on any man for anything.
I was brought up to believe every girl passes through three phases
Birth-Serve under a man(Father,husband or boss)-Die but Zee taught me to dream big. As an orphan she told me I have a duty to fulfill my late Parents’ dreams
“You are not good to go yet?” She asked,standing at my bedroom door
“I am ready,was waiting for your call”
“See you. So now you’ve started getting ready early huh?”
“Do I have a choice? You are always on my case. I just had to learn”
“Good girl. So what are you going to do at that company?”
“Just some flats we have to sell to this estate managing company” I quickly picked my breakfast and followed her to the car. She’d drop me off before proceeding to her office. She’s the CEO of MAKE,a fashion designing house that has branches in 5 states,3 locations in Abuja alone while I work as a PA to the CEO of ne of the biggest construction companies in the state. I ate in silence whilst she drove,she’d punch me real hard if I dare speak while eating,she’s just some months older mind you.
She parked outside the building and said
“Kiki,out” she unlocked the doors
“But I’m not done eating”
“Not that I care,out.” She pushed the door and shoved me out. But before she drove off she rolled down her window and said
“Heys,who are you meeting with by the way?”
“One Mr Lawrence” 
Get in here” she said it so rapidly I didn’t realise when I got into the car
“Sweetie,don’t you see it? This guy is just using you to get deals”
“How do you mean?”
“Why does he always send you to meet all your male clients and never the females? He is just like all the others. He is using your beauty to get what he wants. You think I’m lying? Alright,confront him,then you’d know I’m right”
“Hmmmm,I need to go. Do have a nice day” 
I got out and began rushing towards the conference to. What she said just killed my vibes and her points,they are right. I’m always getting assigned duties which involved meeting men and never women,but,I wouldn’t conclude till I confront him. But before then I’d go and sell this flats like I’ve done for the past one year.

Anticipate next episode tomorrow 20th May 2017

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