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oh yeah mugu
hmmm Joe Shigma
simply the dopest..oh yeah

Mama we came out of nothing
but everybody wanna be something
born without a silver spoon
it seems like we on a long thing
why we born broke? only God knows
when we go blow? only God knows
from here where do we go i dunno
but lemme tell you only thing i know

The Naira bills rules everything arround me
the money rules everything arround me(2x)
(sub chorus)
I see dem are bow for the Naira bills
some they fit kill for the Naira bills
everyday i hustle for the Naira bills
the Naira bills, the Naira bills

I tell you this kpako life e go be tory one day
shey you know no be today we been de hustle tey tey
Nobody blow for my ends oo
i need to break up the chains oo oh yeah
I don tire to dey see my people suffer
abegy hold on we go transit to ajebuta
everybody know me for my block emini baller
the way this nigga grind pass pestle & mortar
see money is the key open doors to out the gwata
this world is in your pocket omo if you gat the Naira
some people worship money they praise it like Buddha
like king of Zamunda money is a ruler
see every night i dream am bill gates with paper
once i wake up open eyez then it turns to vapour
is it a sign of luck? please answer maker
this kpako life we live torments a nigga
i jealous da rich i envy the big car
the streets couch me balling like Asen Wenger
consume by the hustle wanna gather my green
if the world is a school i just learn one thing


The money turn a nigga to a monster
ask about me mammy am a hustler
nobody blow for my ends ooo
i need to break up the chains oo oh yeah

Shit can paralyse your sense of ego, pride
you feel worthless i swear if you penniless ah
the money speaks & if you poor my nigga you are voiceless
not enough option if you broke you are choiceless
the music i been writting gonna blow me i believe in
eat good, live good am just a poor man dreaming
torment me day & night i sway poverty is a demon
some are lost in the wind astray to see themselves winning
mamma told me careful money is the root of evil
causious how you get it be defined with good people
sacrifice to get it flee from evil dont be shy
& never sell your soul for anything rather die
amma turn my talent into chedda bank & withdraw
elavate our status cause that shit e was low
time to time i think whats it like to be so rich
money means everything hear the chorus preach


ah huh shey you get the message abi
thats what money does
turn friends against friends, family against family
you know what i mean
sit down in da back yard talking about money & shit
talking about how we gon blow & make money
me & my guys dem always all the time you know what
i mean
c man nice thing, nice song, nice mix
ah love your work..
Jerry i de feel you mehn
& we out, leaving the building
bye, bye

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