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Northern Empire had a relatively quite year judging by their roster, everybody had high expectations from a camp composing of talents such as: Hip-hop artiste, IB and pop star JAY WONDER blended with EMMY DESIGNS mida’s touch on graphics and Peakay’s immerse experience in the entertainment scene.
Am nt sure the hierarchy at Northern empire will ever agree to released this project but we at beehivegossips have agreed to leak it after illegally laying our hands on the project (don’t tell NE we did it). The project contains 4

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NO DRAMA – Feat. Marz prince & Knight OG
Rhythm city came through as the only external guest appearance on the EP, Good lyrics and chorus but once again the production is questionable, I am not sure PEAKAY produced this project, this is way below his standards but his tag says its peakay! No questions. NO DRAMA ft. Knight OG & Marz Prince

Piano all through sound, the progression is cool and nice which makes the song a relaxing feel good jam for the stressed but again i dont trust the system but one of my favourite on the EP tho. Another  IB singing track ! STONED ft. I.B

LOVER – Feat. Jay Wonder
I don’t seem to connect with this particular song at all, the instrumentation surpass the vocals, in this generation of pop sounds catchy hookes dominates the airwaves as one of the top qualities of a hit track. JAY WONDER repetitiveness made the song sound boring throughout. Not a fan of this, if the above correction have been made we will have a hit track to brag with! LOVE ft. Verse 

LOVE feat. Verse

Peakay’s love for piano cannot be over emphasized on this project, this particular song has the best instrumentation, but the vocals is poor and a very wrong choice of presets to begin with auto tune keying was poor on this one I can’t just seat myself to this track one more time again, am out!! LOVER ft. Jay Wonder

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FINAL VERDICT: At first I was confused, why will NE have a project that features IB,Jay Wonder, Verse Junior, Knight Of and Marzprince and don’t talk about it ? After full listening of the project I understood exactly why They never said a word!


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