The eyes of many Nigerians has been opened such that, they can now comprehend and juxtapose. We are wiser now! What do we want? APC, PDP or the Alternative?

The incumbent government, constitute a government that has failed Nigeria and Nigerians, impoverished, drained and unapologetically killing our people; a government that promised us change but has successfully chained us by their clueless policies, ethnical politics, organised violence, piecemeal genocide, deaf ear response to the cry of the same people that voted them in, yet they want to lead us to the “next level”. Apart from very few unrepentant and shameless Nigerians, who fall into this category, it’s indeed a fact that a greater percentage want this set of “wonderful” APC team of leaders pushed out at all cost.

However, there is doubt in our minds, as to who will bring us the change we dream of and the political platform that will reposition Nigeria for good. For the pains that Nigerians have been through, they are determined to elect anybody, but Buhari, and to unseat him. To them, he is not an option. Most Nigerians are calling for PDP, a party that is confirmed to have the financial muscle to challenge the government in power. Whether or not PDP will be that real change that we clamour for, is a big question that has remained unanswered.

Atiku will no doubt be a better option when compared to the incumbent. However, We can’t expect a man who bribed the delegates of his party, in order to win the presidential ticket, to give us the Nigeria of our dream. Hence, the primary election conducted by PDP was not a free-fair election. Also, he does not Merit to be the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Atiku was the Custom General for several years who made it by stealing and looting of Nigeria money. It is so unfortunate that most Nigerians see criminals as their hero and see hero as a criminal. Furthermore, Atiku has been the vice president for 8 years under the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo who couldn’t provide stable electricity for Nigerians. So why is he coming back?! What new does he has to offer us?! “People who destroyed your past, can not guarantee your future”

When APC and PDP are mentioned, what comes into my mind is simply, ‘two sides of the same coin’. The same People Deceiving People(PDP) and the Association of Past/Present Criminals (APC), and same old men who wants to dominate and monopolize the system.

It’s sardonic and it appalls me that even the said youths who have be asked to take back their country from septuagenarian, are in support of their continuity. Young people should wake-up! There are candidates of other political parties who are younger and have better things to offer Nigerians than both APC and PDP. We have the SDP presidential candidate, Donald Duke. AAC presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore. LP Presidential candidate Fela Durotoye, YPP presidential candidates Kingsley Moghalu. These men are sound, eloquent, smart, agile and capable. These are better options in which you can choose one best from amongst them. But if you ask me, Donald Duke is the best. He has the requisite skill and experience. A man who knows the problem as well as the solution. He is capable of handling the task. Then I asked, why should we give our votes to old men who are supposed to be resting in their houses and having fun with their grandchildren?!

In such a time as this, we have to try a new way of solving our old and recurring problem. Make up your mind before it will be too late.

 I stand to be corrected.. To be Continued!!

Vote Duke&Gabam For President 2019

Comr Daure David Yankoli 
YungBoss Nation 

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