“Idols Become Rivals” -Paul McPetros

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You know there’s war in the hood when brothers from the same clan take shots at each other. Rozay going hard on Birdman… Who saw that coming? This is year, more idols would becoming rivals with their protégé.

I think most beef in Hip Hop is more business than personal. It might start on a personal level tho but it ends up been business. You sell more records when you get your rhymes dirty in the gutter of controversy.

Rick Ross “Rather you than me” album dropped  on Thursday night, the 16th of March, 2017. But before the album was release the “Idols become rivals” track on which he dissed Birdman leaked.

From my opinion, the leaked track might be intentional. Why would the “Idols become rivals” track leaked and not any other track off the album? I see business. The hip hop community had a feel of what was to come on the “Rather you than me” album just listening to the “Idols become rivals” track. And now, the Boss is trending. Superb business move.


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