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FCM & Nortwave teases new singles

FCM and Nortwave Team Up - What to Expect From Their Upcoming Collaborative Project

FCM & Nortwave teases new singles

It was exciting to hear last week that FCM and Nortwave will be working together on a new collaborative project! These two brands have been real powerhouses in the local music scene and have helped launch the careers of many talented artists.


According to the reports, FCM and Nortwave held a 24-hour bootcamp last December where artists from both rosters and within vicinity came together. This must have been an incredibly productive session to spark the idea for this collaboration. I’m guessing they bonded over their shared passion for music and saw an opportunity to combine their strengths.

The first output we’re getting from this project looks very promising. “By You” featuring Khalid Jones, DeeJayTimz, Kalito and the new name Danziko will reportedly drop this February. I’m already a big fan of Kalito, Khalid and DeeJayTimz so seeing them again on a track together has me hyped. And introducing new talent like Danziko is always exciting.

From the limited details released, it seems like they are targeting a wide range of musical styles by tapping both established and emerging artists. This will help the project connect with a diverse audience. I’m hoping we get to experience lots of creative experimentation as the labels blend their sounds.

The FCM and Nortwave partnership shows how collaboration instead of competition can take our local music to the next level. This bodes well for the future growth and success of the industry. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with! Please share your thoughts on what you expect from their joint project.

FCM and Nortwave Team Up - What to Expect From Their Upcoming Collaborative Project

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