FASHION: Top 10 trendy haircuts for black men

A stylish look of a man is impossible without good hairstyle. We have prepared for you a list of stylish haircuts for black men. It’s time to choose the best option of haircut styles for you.
Black men have a huge number of haircuts to choose from, there are options for short, medium, or long hair, so it is not easy to choose from all the variations. We are sure that our list of top stylish haircuts will help you to choose your favourite hairdo.

How to choose a hairstyle?

It is better to choose a haircut according to the characteristics of your own appearance. If your head has round form, then too short haircuts are not for you. Protruding ears can be covered with medium or long length hair.
Anyway, you can consult with the stylist, he or she will help you to choose the best option. It is better to look good with a simple classic hairdo than ridiculous with the most fashionable.

Best stylish haircuts for black men

Let’s start with short haircuts for black men’s hair. A low or high fade haircut with some kind of styling on top is very popular because of the beauty and practicality.
If you want to look fresh and clean with a new style, check out the coolest, latest and hottest black men’s hairstyles, including the frohawk, flat top, faux hawk, the lineup haircut and curls.

1. Line Up Haircut

The line up haircut, a simple and cool short haircut, it is still one of the most popular idea for men’s hairdo.

2. Waves + Low Fade

The waves, a lineup and blurry fade, this cool short haircut have a great view. You can also shape the beard for a clean cut finish.

3. Twisted Curls with Blow Out Fade

Fresh twisted curls combined with a low fade make this style look original.

4. Frohawk

The frohawk style is always in trend. It is good for men who want a shortcut on the sides but a long Afro on the top.

5. Faux Hawk with Blonde Sponge Twists

Another cool hairstyle for black men, this example combines a modern bald fade with thick sponge twists.

6. Dreads

If we are talking about haircuts for men long hair best idea, we can’t forget about famous dreadlocks hairstyle. It is always fashionable and cool. It can be a good idea of haircuts for men with thick hair.

7. Box Braids with Fade

Another good idea for guys with long hair is braids. You can find a numerous of variations of these braids hairstyles. The hair can be not too long, just enough to form a box style or some other variation.

8. The Afro Style

Another classic variation is Afro haircut style. The long black curly hair spreads to all the sides, forming unique look.

9. Curls + Temple Fade

It is a cool idea, a modern update of the retro style hairdo. It’s short with rounded profile. The edges are clean with an edge up and temple fade.

10. Curved Flat Top

Retro hairstyles are still on the top. Flat tops for 2018 also feature with curves, angles and lines.
Haircuts for men is a special theme in the fashion world. Hairstyles for black men’s hair are very diverse, let your style shine and choose the best hairdo for yourself.

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