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EP: THE LAST TaPE – Lemuel knight @LemuelKnight

Lendo Last tape main
The official cover art for The last tape by Lemuel knight

Lemuel Knight, The Street Legend is back again with a project he calls ”The Last Tape” which sounds like the last free music series in accordance to one social media post he made couple of weeks ago. The last Tape further cements his place as the most decorated ( in terms of discography) Hiphop artiste in the hive, we have seen Lendo dropped more tapes than any other artiste in the hive for free. WHAT NEXT? He is definitely geering up plans to sell music for money and royalties. The Last Tape consists of 7 tracks as rule of Extended play may suggests featuring Black House, Stesh Elsie and Trina. On this project Lendo dishes out some of the songs that couldnt make it to the Mixtape Album he dropped earlier this year including some extra singles he dropped earlier. Kings & Queens and Choice which has a visual already.

IMG 20181020 WA0018
official rack list for The last tape by Lemuel knight

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