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Pathology of monopolism is an abnormal obsession to a
particular social or economic doctrine that have unlimited abilities to
limit the victims exploit. A chronic monopolism is overwhelmingly
pathogenic and to an extent gangrenous. It eats you up from outside-in
and inside-out until you are turned a wood-pole planted on a termitarium
awaiting when its due to collapse. This may not be a perfect
portraiture of the inevitable consequence of monopolism because,
“collapse” doesn’t always spell the end although it may signify the
arrival of doomsday, and however, it is certainly not doomsday.

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bees are a social ensemble of the phylum arthropoda from the animal
kingdom, with tons of incredible and adorable characteristics worth
emulating by not only other arthropods but even chordates such as us.
Their socio-economic blueprint is the urban monopsony. How on earth are
these creatures so smart and industrious? Huh! Okay, they massively
depend on each other for survival, they first, carryout a survey on a
hive before they habituate in it, they don’t run from the hive when
conditions change, until it largely becomes unfavorable, they even sting
even if they die off thereafter just to protect the hive. This instinct
is core to their existence. An inside of a typical beehive will show
you an extremely busy group of male drones, female workers,
metamorphosing larva and pupa, and a single queen. They all depend on
each other, but they don’t all do the same thing, although it is largely
possible some of them would want to be queen, but since they all can’t
be queens, they accepted themselves for who they are, that is why the
protector drones, the worker females, the swarming aged and the majestic
queen all stay the same hive and thrive.

If the slogan beehive of
Bauchi was carved to describe the productive nature of Bauchi and its
people, especially the youths in a like manner to that of the bees in
the hive, then, we must make it work sincerely and genuinely. Because
right now, it’s not working. What we are right now is a “school of fish”
wandering about in pond full of fishermen. The idea of spanning the
same axis can get us all fished and eaten or stocked beneath the waters.
What is the bottom line?
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are productive and industrious just like the bees, right? Then, we can
invent other trends and cause them to work our ways. If we persist on
doing the same thing all of us, we will get what our grandparents got in
a ridiculously grand style, and we would break the heart of our future
even before it’s here.
We can share responsibilities amongst us on
the basis of talent or passion and partake in many other socio-economic
boosters like politics and entrepreneurship.
Politics in Nigeria
has been relegated by many youths especially in our own kind of beehive
to the realm of the aged, they erroneously believe until you are aged,
you are lacking the financial and moral strength to maneuver diplomacy
or better put, short of life Lear and experience to owned the “required”
to perform out rightly even when given a political appointment.
Well, in the political chronology, age has never been a barrier and is
likely not to ever be. Aren’t you aware of the 31 year old Austrian
chancellor? Or the 37 year old prime minister of New Zealand? They are
not too far older than you and not too different from you. The most
significant difference between you and them is that, they have
discovered their purpose and have embrace it wholeheartedly.
entrepreneurship, did you know that the wealthiest people on earth
embraced entrepreneurship at an age not too many than yours? Ask Google
about itself or ask Google about “Mark the Facebook boy” or Bill Gates
or any of these billionaire entrepreneurs. That is probably why they are
this wealthy of course.

If artistry is your calling, did you know
it must not be rap and hip hop or singing? It could be writing, it
could be acting, and it could even be drawings. Aren’t you aware you
could earn a living out of anything you are doing?

Did you remember that verse in the book of wisdom that said “for whatever thy hand find doing, do it with all thy might”?

here is the bottom line. We could be a better group of bees if we don’t
all do the same thing and avoid the pathology of monopolism. In a
natural hive, the aged voluntarily swarm to give space for others to
thrive. If artistry doesn’t work for you, change course, give someone
the mic and pick up something.

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