EDITORIALS: The Good and The Bad News of Today’s Music Business – Paul McPetros

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The Good and The Bad News of Today’s Music Business – Paul McPetros

The good news is, releasing music is easy. The bad news is, building music career is harder than ever. Yeah. Even with the digitalization of the industry. Technology can easily aid the former. But the latter needs more than justtechnology. It needs humans with super knowledge (technical-know-how) or what Joey Akan calls music intelligence; seasoned expertise; extraordinary enthusiasm and pool of resources. And these are what separate a Jay Z from a Lil’ Whatever.
Let me employ an analogy to buttress my argument. It’s like an entrepreneur who thinks creating a product/service is the same as establishing an enterprise. Product/service idea is not a problem. Yes, it is essential; the first and foremost thing that is required of an entrepreneur. The problem is a SYSTEM that would be responsible for the manufacturing of the product or rendering of the service; a SYSTEM that would be responsible for the day to day smooth operations of the enterprise; a SYSTEM that would be responsible for the sustainable and contineous growth of the enterprise and more.
Some artists would not blow or have unblown themselves by simply neglecting the principal of building a career. They release good music; we love them but their carrier (pun intended) is still station on the runway yet to take a flight. Building a career is a process that has to be consistent. You break your hard grounds; then lay a solid foundation.
Check this:
“The most satisfying is not just having hits, but selling tickets – that’s when you know people really care about an artist.” – Music Business UK
This quote justify the underlying message of this article. With the internet as a leverage, every Jack and Harry can have a hit. It takes an artist with a cult-following, a tribe to sell tickets. And this is the result of a career that was not microwaved. But rather cooked on an open fire, the kind you see at typical Nigerian ceremonies.
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