After the 2014 summer world cup, Thierry Henry said in an interview that he will advise his kids to emulate Thomas Muller and not Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. He said those 2 are not humans, but Muller is absolutely the business, he is not the most talented or the flashiest, but he is the business. Does the right things on the pitch.
Dear Young artist,
You will be asking why I am referencing Theirry’ interview, it is simple Wizkid and Davido are 2 artists you should emulate, they are like Messi and C. Ronaldo, you simply cannot be them!
You see you can be the Thomas Muller who does the right things on the pitch, be the business and no time for anything extra. And in this case, my Thomas Muller is Mr. Eazi, while a lot of us go with the hype and try always in futility to be the DMW or Starboy boss, some people stay winning and like Thomas ( his cabinet is full of trophies) Mr. Eazi is all shades of music business, has the right team, does the right things and even without having a major “hit” judging by his own standards, the numbers and figures don’t lie.
He is top 3 digital selling artist from this sphere, performing and touring worldwide, and the one wey dey make me jealous opening up for Ms. Lauryn Hill on her tour (i still dream of attending her concert).
His moves are calculated and very strategic, execution is par excellence. I can go on and on about this dude and his team, but the one thing that stands him out is the fact that he plays to his strength, no need to force it and try to be the world best when you can just be your best and that is more than winning the Ballon d’Or.
If I sign an artist today, I will beg Mr.Eazi to borrow me his formula ( even though music business has no formula).
The most valuable player right now is that dude.
BTW who else wants to meet over a few bottles, and before you go yen yen yen I am still retired. I need a manager to manage me.

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