EDITORIAL: Is Mozta priest really among the future pillars of the Beehive Music Industry?

The Beehive music industry has got too many talents to mention, also with countless underground veterans. But here, the spotlight shines on the young rapper with the Jadakiss type of flow. He hails from Raff street, the street name for where its known as Rafin Zurfi. This young rapper’s ability has caught the audience’s attention, leaving us with questions whether he is among the future pillars. The underground hip hop MC has cleared the doubt in the air after dropping his major lyrically filled record titled ‘Deeper Than That’. His ability to flow on every type of beat coming his way is another ability only few out there can counter. Presently we’ve received in some gossips about his next 2 star project on ground, which he titles it “Stripes Of Agony”. From all left with us, we can only inform you that the industry has increased in terms of strength with the sprouting of this new mustard seed.
As recently interviewed, he said ” I am not into this alone, I just want to be a pathway to good music, and with my producer (Alpha Lion), and my brother (Emperor), we’ll surely get there”. 

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