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Elveektor has released a brand new EP, Sonrise. The 8-track EP is proof that the young indigenous rapper will be around for a very long time. 

Kemgbe Dirty N’es
i is a very energetic introduction to the project which speaks about some personal challenges Elveektor has faced so far. He also issues a warning to the fake ones around him. 
Balling Over 2.5 is a celebratory tune laced on a trap beat. On the track, he raps about putting in work, balling with his goons and a bright future ahead..
Over a House beat by Grillo, Elveektor try to woo a ‘Superfly baby with Grillo on the hook… while promising her heaven, earth and every other thing she wants.
On ‘Head Up‘ which is arguably the most introspective track on the project, Dr Jay delivers one of the best hooks you have heard in a while as he joins Elveektor to preach optimism, patience and positivity. 
On ‘Oh Ifeelu‘ produced by Syn X,ElVeektor takes shots at wack ass rappers and arrogant peeps. South eastern female emcee Paragon also goes in harder on fake people with some funny and memorable lines.
Call Me Later’ also produced by Syn Xfeatures ChidokeyzTeoh andRapdibia. The message on Call Me Later is clear – If you ain’t talking money, you ain’t a priority.
On the last track of the project, ElVeektor and Chidokeyz take their listeners by road back to the historic town of Nsukka located in the Coal City State, Enugu.
Sonrise EP is a strong punch by ElVeektor which will help accelerate his transition from a featherweight rapper to a heavyweight in Nigeria’s hip-hop scene.

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