Celebrating 5 Years of Transformative Leadership: BSPMEC Congratulates Governor Bala Mohammed


The Bauchi State Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (BSPMEC) extends its heartfelt congratulations to His Excellency, Sen Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, CON (Kauran Daular Usmaniyya), on the remarkable accomplishments achieved under his purposeful and visionary leadership, including the celebration of your 5 years in office.

Under your administration, Bauchi State has witnessed unprecedented development across various sectors. Your unwavering commitment to the progress and welfare of our people is evident in the numerous transformative projects you have championed. These include, among others:


1. Infrastructure Development: The extensive road networks and bridges constructed have significantly improved connectivity and boosted economic activities across the State.

Governors Residence 13 edited
Reconstructed Bauchi’s State Government House

2. Healthcare Advancement: The establishment and upgrading of healthcare facilities have enhanced access to quality medical services, contributing to the well-being of the citizens.


3. Educational Reforms: The renovation and construction of schools, coupled with initiatives to improve the quality of education, have laid a strong foundation for the future of teeming youth in Bauchi State.

school bauchi 1
Educational reforms in Bauchi State

4. Agricultural Innovation and Strategic Agricultural Partnerships: The introduction of modern agricultural practices and developments have revitalized the agricultural sector, ensuring food security and creating employment opportunities.

Water Treatment plant 696x522 1
Bauchi Water projects

5. Urban Renewal Projects: The beautification and modernization of our urban centers have not only improved the aesthetic appeal of our cities but also attracted investors and boosted tourism.

IMG 20240205 WA0040 696x1044 1
Bauchi Urbanization embarked by Gov. Bala

6. Economic Empowerment Programs: The various economic empowerment initiatives have provided our youth and women with the skills and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

FB IMG 1667126587472
KEEP Project by Sen. Bala

7. Government House Project: The construction of the new Government House stands as a testament to your dedication to enhancing the administrative infrastructure of our state, providing a conducive environment for effective governance.

IMG 20210306 WA0002
Government House Project

Your Excellency, your dedication to the sustainable development of Bauchi State serves as an inspiration to us all. We, at BSPMEC, remain committed to supporting your vision in the effective implementation and monitoring of these projects, ensuring the full deployment of your “less for more Procurement Policy-drive” for the benefit of our beloved state.

Congratulations once again on these outstanding achievements and on reaching this significant milestone of 5 years in office. We look forward to continued progress and prosperity under your esteemed leadership.


Arc Baba Mohammad-Dadi, fnia
Chairman, Bauchi State Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (BSPMEC)

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