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Full Names: Josiah John
Stage Name: El-Jozzy 
Tribe: Ngas

Likes: Reminiscing, honesty, making new friends, and love staying alone. Dislikes: Argument, disappointment, too much talk and lies.
Hobbies: Football, watching movies, and listening to music.
State of origin: Plateau

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Music history: I started my music career in the year 2015, under a crew at bauchi state (beehive) called Black Empire Music (BEMcrew). We are five in number, 4 male rappers and a female singer. We’ve dropped several songs like Hustle, Am king, All black, Mun shigo featuring Kay zee and Ji mana.
On the 1st january, 2017 i got signed to Kds Records on a monthly promo deal in which i made hits like Hayaki, Love 2 love ya featuring Miz banQs, and Ina suke featuring CeeX, one of Jtown’s female rapper.
After my contract with Kds Records i dropped few songs IyawaNe and Hayaki remix featuring kalito and Lee rhymes which are also hits and captured alot of attention in the streets of bauchi (beehive).
If you are a good music fan then I think you should try listening to El_jozzy i asure you won’t regret.

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