IMG 20170629 WA0004FULL NAME:  God’swill Wormi Nyakmi Gambo

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Beflex’s journey so far in the Music Scene: 
Took interest in hip-hop at the late 90’s somewhere on the streets of Makurdi.
I was so passionate in rap when growing up as a teenager,I love  listening to rappers like 2Pac & DMX back then,and later got to appreciate Slim Shady a whole lot.I never knew any Gospel rapper back then,i wrote my first rap bars in 1999 was inspired by usher’s “U make me wanna” song. Lol..its ironic huh…?

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I never lost the grib coz back then in junior high I was hanging wit a fellow O.G #Dunex,ofcoz he can’t be scrapped out of the map because Dunnex Was one of my influence in rap also a guy called Billy, we were kicking it from the same high school back then in MarkTown #TBT.
So as time went on,the love for the game was always on the increase and somewhere along the line I got introduced to drugs thinking its a rap basics… Lol
You know  it’s kind of myopic when you’re blinded with passion nd enthusiasm,so later after some years around 2005/2006 I discover Gospel Rap and became part of a group known as “The Tripple Squard(3SQ)”which was more of a collaboration of childhood friends where we had the likes of MaveSony, Amopee&Beflex.
Then we all started going solo and I was doing both goslpel/secular rap…lol
About same time I made Breezyblack of the then HeatBeatz Records Inc,also Mixmaster Scopee has been there from day one and a whole bunch of #YL Street O.Gs talking about the then Diamond D presently known as B.O.C,Wax-Man,Maccoy,Icon X,Y-Jay,Jay-1(R.I.P),VhiCee,JT(Justin),T-boy Presently Trino-Coaster,Prowess,Lemuel Knight,Cino,Elbee,Don Ziggy(Alaye Baba),D-Man Etc.
Later in 2008 I became part of a group of 5 known as “The Revolutionaries” where you have d likes of StreetBishop,YungBubba,Mavesony,Amopee & Beflex,we embark on a project same year nd dropped a gospel album called”Gospel Discovery”.

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And as time went on by the grace of the most high I found Christ for good and  got baptized and  saved somewhere around 2012/2013 wit the help of my mentor and  friend Pastor Steve Judah.I quit drugz and secular rap altogether.
Fast forward, after some times through divine guidance and sense of direction the Idea of #GRC i.e Gospel Rappers Cycle which is an association of gospel ministers worldwide came-up.And with the help of ministers like StreetBishop, Amopee,Mista- SY, Rapture,Prince-Judah,Sunny-J, Brooklyn etc the movement was set on wheels.
 eversince,  the GRC movement has been outstanding and  membership have always been on the increase.I remember sometimes within the year we welcome the membership of a gospel iconic act DfleX Twhyte  among others.GRC has a bunch of talents of which I cannot call everyone by name,but in a nutshell thats my Klan,i mean thats where I belong.
so far so good i’ve dropped numerous singles/Hits ranging from Together in Christ,You Make Me Stand,Friend Of Mine,Heavenly SwaQ,Roko,Without Christ…I Will Make It,etc.
And currently am working on numerous project which I guess it’s not yet time for disclosure.

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