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First of it kind! History was
made on the 17th April 2017 at the great city of late sir Abubakar Tafawa
when the whole entertainment conglomerate join forces to celebrate
music, art and culture ( hiphop ). Alot argued about the most publicized event
of the year hash tagged BMF, But at the end criticism rubbished as naivety based
on interviews conducted by BEEHIVE GOSSIPS. Alot of the participant enjoyed the
history making event. 90% of interviewed person enjoyed the festival with little
complaints which is mere by facts. However, BEEHIVE GOSSIPS analysis of the
event is quite different  from the
general public, chill i know eye brows will be raised by now, but nothing to be
worried about. what am about to type is nothing but the truth matter of fact no
sugar coating. The festival was dope everything went well 41 atirste even plus
performed. It was worth the hype. It was a victory not to the organizers alone
but to the whole beehivites. But my question is where was chocolate city at the
festival? x  HAHAHAH silly questions right? Well If i was to support an event
100% i will send representative right? Wouldn’t i? Am worried Chocolate city didn’t
send any representative. To be honest i searched for Prowess all day. Anyways a
big shout to Chocolate city thanks for the support! MI Abaga ! Audu Maikori!
that was involved!

IMG 20170420 WA0014
Hulda doing her thing .. Photo credits Arico Tv

IMG 20170420 WA0007
Over view of the venue : Photo credits Arico Tv

IMG 20170419 WA0024
Fashion Vendors: Photo credits Arico Tv

Lazz !! he sang!! He rap! And he
danced!!! Wasn’t that great? S/O to Kalito who pulled out a stunt! The beehive
100 flag stunt was the peak of the event! No wonder he went dumb after his
performance i couldn’t intereview him for 2 minutes full. Nique house killed
the show. The Cypher by Jimmy J was lit hiphop future is surely secured!! Trino
was something else he was mobbed by fans, hiphop head never get it wrong what do you expect?.
He was at the peak of the festival. STESH another big act killed the show
FATIMA must be blushing now .. HULDA & ABEL lol no couples on stage can
rival them, they look married on stage. Dope MC’s ahrgg! Don’t get it wrong
Master of Ceremony not Emcee!!hulda cant rap honestly.  One P came through with Afro pop when it was
all hiphop and he pulled out the strings MALAXZY! The only Female rapper emcee
on playlist. She never disappoint she gave us a drip. BI– Afro vibes was lit represented G-City to the core Erhmorhymes came through too, the singer was the most impressive Afro performer. S/O to adamawa Hommies G-city Felas and the artiste fromm Abuja S/out to the
vendors. Juice Up! ! Ada Ada I still owe you cakes!! Mr. Jacobs one of the pioneers of music in The state He came through for the festival and was excited about it means alot. The ikes of
press and viczkzee , Bremo and yusuf Bindi blessed the event! And i think it
was a victory for the rave of the moment KDS, man was on every song played! Doc
the most controversial artiste was in attendance. Always on the spotlight
for the wrong and good reasons. The BAbano crooner doesn’t even know who owns
Beehive gossips and claims to XXXXX if he knows the person making those
gossips. Doc X vowed not to perform in any beehive show unless it is his show but
nigger why where you here? ( BMF ).

Notable Performance
BHP soldiers brought some
fresh new vibes on stage as they tear down the crowd with amazing performance,
it was dope
And lastly the most celebrated
Based on control artiste BOC shut down the whole E-4 resort as the dreaded
Rapper performs his monster tracks free on stage which also marked the highest
peak of the event!!!

Most Notable Errors ( pepper dem yawa )
The Monitors wasnt covering the whole venue, the organizers should fixed speakers at the venue’s four corners next year. 

KDS was the
most mentioned and heard name last night.
The festival
took another dimension when Snow ice took over from HULDA and ABEL and it marked
the highest peak of the event!!
BMF came to
life a day after BEEMA AWARDS this year
BMF was a
free show

–         BMF had the City on lock down, no bills, no posters, no radio, no tv, no rally 
         BMF was the
most hash tagged word in Beehive for the past 2 weeks
BMF gathered
complete cycle of an entertainment industry ranging from rappers, singers,
dancers, vendors, Vj’s , Dj’s , Bloggers, MC’s, Comedians, Enterprenuers, OAp’s
and lots more
More  Rappers attended and performed at the event than
any pattern of music ( Beehive is Compton )
BMF is
the  first of its kind at North eastern Nigeria
BMF gathered
a thousand plus in attendance.
A total of
41 artistes were on playlist different from original plans of having 20. And more
than 41 performed.
Check out pictures from the event ,  Audio Interviews coming through soon

IMG 20170420 WA0017

IMG 20170420 WA0015

IMG 20170420 WA0013

IMG 20170420 WA0009

IMG 20170420 WA0005

IMG 20170420 WA0000

IMG 20170419 WA0020

IMG 20170419 WA0032

Photo credits: Arico Tv

More photos coming….

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