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His name is Jerry Emmanuel and his stage name is LiL J The Childish as we all know him,the “Cele & Superstar” song crooner have a word to share to the general public about how the former Bauchi state governor Malam Isa Yuguda helped his academic life and beyond 
Lil J The Childish Said this to our reporters “I finished my primary school education 2006 and I was waiting for the next year to get into high school (secondary school) to further my education,but I couldn’t decide which school I was going to register and studied because in 2007 there was so many new private schools in Bauchi and the competition was very high,every kid want to go to the best school of his/her choice and I was one of those kids contemplating but the question was can my family afford paying my school fees in a private school for six good years? YES my dad can do that but he will get old sooner because the burden will be too much on his shoulder,my two elder Sisters and my two younger sisters were in two of the best private school  as of then but the two of my elder sisters graduated,just me and my brother Philip (Phil writer) waiting to go to school.
In that very same year (2007) there was election going on and the city was noisy like is gonna happened forever. Waiting for the election to be over before proceeding with our decision,my dad was busy in the state giving an helping hand because that’s all his job,but never the less he stilled got us in mind because he care about our education even though we hardly see him at home because of his work,trust me this dude is really a busy dude (laugh),he only comes back home just to change his cloth not because he wanted to eat,can you imagine that?,I don’t know what he saw about the former governor but my dad was so serious about him and up to now and tomorrow. Anyway I’m here to talk about me and my education but my dad can’t be out of the story because he created the linked,I don’t know how but it was awesomely good..I was sitting,chilling in our compound with my brother (Philips),my dad came home and took us unaware,he didn’t enter the house actually he just stayed outside in his car and called us out quickly,I was having an injury that same day,I couldn’t walk straight because I jumped on nail while sweeping the home…He took me to hospital for treatment which I got treated,after that my dad took us straight to a new and happening school for registration,I was like “Wow this is serious” the whole me and my brother in DIVINE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY,we got register within an hour and at the same time watching my dad and the principal having fun because the principal is a fun type..I started schooling the next day in a new class from Jss1 to ss3..My dad told me that the former governor help him to provide my school fees or our school fees rather,I became amazed,for someone who don’t know me and never set his eye on me to helped out,do you know what that means? It means someone cares for me and that person is Isa yuguda…I only saw him once in VIP 9 which I’m very sure he didn’t see me because I drive my dad there and I stayed in the car watching my dad as he went to the former governor,I saw them hugged each other and said a word…all I can remember is the smile on their faces and I can also remember that the governor looked fresh (laugh)..


I’m not writing this for the world to know me but I’m writing this to let people know that there’s a good people out there and Mal. Isa Yuguda is one of the best lovely person that I know,do not judge a book by its cover,when you see someone try to read that person..I just want to say thank so much and I love you to Mal. Isa Yuguda,I’m sure my children will hear this and I’m happy to let the great people of Nigeria and even beyond that you helped me a lot not only me but my brother and sisters entirely….I really wish I can see you,give you a hug and shake your hands real hard.
Thank You Mallam Isa Yuguda
Thank You Oga Jerry (My Dad)
Wow what a hear touching story. 

Kudus to Mail.  Isa Yuguda 

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