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Real Name: holder
Date Of Birth: 31th January
State Of Origin: Yobe State
L.G.A: Fika LGA,Yobe State
Ethnicity: Ngamo
State Of Domicile: Yobe State (In Potiskum)
Stage Name:JANX (THA BLAZER) Meaning of JANX (Anything Thought To Be Extraordinary Wonderful In Quality) The Reason I Chose JANX For Stage Name Is Nearly Related To My Village Name” JANGA” Which Am So Proud Of. JANGA In My Tribal Language Means “The Mud With Extraordinary Quality For Building”

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Family Background
We are four male children of the family ISHAYA,EMMANUEL,PAUL and Myself in family of 13 which Included two of my cousins.
Not until my younger brother PAUL died on 30th August. 2015 who was the last born of the family and my Dad died on 19th November. 2016 we are now 11 in the family which am the first born.
I’m from a nuclear family.
Only my Mum is alive.
My Mum is a small trade business woman
My parents gave birth to nine children(YAKUBU(Janx),ISHAYA,EMMANUEL,VICTORIA,MAGRATE,KETHRINE,ESTHER,MARY AND PAUL) not until death took PAUL.
Now I have two surviving brothers and five sisters.
Educational records
Kindergarten education 1998 through 1999(Saint Mary’s new Jerusalem Damaged,Yobe State)
Nursery education 1999 through 2001(Saint Mary’s new Jerusalem Damaturu,Yobe State)
Primary education 2001 through 2005 (Saint Mary’s new Jerusalem Damaturu,Yobe State) were my family relocated from Damaturu to Potiskum while am in primary 4.
I continue my primary education in Potiskum(Nahuta Primary School) 2005 through 2006
Secondary Education
JSS class 2006 through 2009(Fika Government Secondary School Potiskum,Yobe State)
SS class 2009 through 2012(Government Science and Technical College Potiskum)
Tertiary Education
I got admitted into Federal Polytechnic Mubi in 2012 with the hope of graduating in 2014.
But due to Asup’s strike and insecurity problems which makes me not to graduate until 2015 December.
I’m just a diploma holder
My Music Career
I started rap in 2011 as result of positive influence i had from a friend called “Wit Amij” A.K.A “Lee Weed” Who is the Person I regard As The best Artiste In the Whole of Yobe State.
I started writing RnB songs in 2009 but I never recorded a song until 2011.
The song is titled “Love is Wicked”which is my first track featuring WIT AMIJ. Which I had the inspiration from BRICK And LACE’s Song Titled “LOVE IS WICKED”.
Then I only use English language in my songs, but not until I got influenced by some northern artists like BOC,CLASSIQ,GENEX,LEE RHYMES etc.
My Influence are
The thought of getting my state on the map.
The Thoughts of what I see around me and the product of my wild thoughts.

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