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ALBUM REVIEW: BOC MADAKI’S ALLAH YA TSARE ISSA WRAP ! @BOCmadaki @beehivegossips @Paulpetros

BOC ALlah Ya tsare 2

2018 has been a splendid music business/industry year in my city, Bauchi, Nigeria. While we thought it was a wrap, the number one art in the city, BOC Madaki (in my opinion) dropped out an album titled ‘ALLAH YA TSARE‘ meaning ‘God’s Guardians’ or ‘God Guard You’. 

ALLAH YA TSARE is BOC’s fourth project. We have three guest artists, Kahli Abdu, C Man and Idreal. With productions from ShamBee Puzzle, DJ Steev, OG Beat and ShugaBeatz. Mixing and mastering was done by C Man.

BOC Allha ya tsare Back

The album consist of seven tracks delivered in English and Hausa language. The album began with RITES TO PASSAGE. A song introducing the listener to the important events and stages in BOC’s life; tales about his father; his transition from childhood to adulthood. 
“Born with a mud spoon not even a steel/ And daddy barely affords three square male/ Cause his lil’ government job was not paying well/ A typist always accurate with the spells…”
Rites to Passage is story telling on a hundred from the first verse to the third where BOC shared his status quo. The instrumental is scrumptious. BOC needed no ketchup to eat it up. And OG Beat who cooked the instrumental is a chef who knows his way around the kitchen. He has a good taste.
IDAN DA RAI is the second track on the compilation featuring C Man, a sensational singer. On the hook, C Man did what he is best known for and BOC on every verse was dripping lyricism. The synopsis of the song is simply, survival. 
“When you grew up in the project survive is the main thing… I was to rised to survive and love”
Idan Da Rai has the feel you get when you fusion rhythm and blues with rap. OG Beat was the cook.
It’s a trap vibe on track three featuring Idreal who came through with a delivery and flow that would get the listener nodding his head and tapping his feet while he tries to comprehend Idreal’s intended puns. BOC was lethal on the second verse. The third verse was intriguing as Idreal and BOC dropped four bars after four bars leaving the listener with a sixteen that’s enigmatic. The hook is off the hook. And the instrumental is serious because ShamBee crafted it. KATAKO is the track title.
MATERIAL is a bragging right song. BOC stating and restating his relevance to the game. This is the kind of rap song that would move the crowd. 
WA YA SANI (Who Would Have Thought) is multistory with BOC repeating the phrase Wa Ya Sani for emphasis on verse two while he narrates from an omin point of view. On the first verse he gave a credit to Tu Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur Davis, likenly her love for Pac to the way his (BOC) mother loves and pray for him. BOC spoke about family ties.
“…I know someone who has never heard a word from his mother/ I also know a family rised to love one another/ Who would have thought a potential star was sold by his brothers”
ShamBee’s piano play on the instrumental makes the song enjoyable – a smooth ride with the driver’s hands off the wheel and his eyes close. Wa Ya Sani is a thoughtful song.
YAYA DA (What’s Up) is an exception song about love and romance. Kahli Abdu delivered a(n) harmonious chrous. BOC had content but his delivery and flow were almost perfect. The stress of words was not necessary. 
The seven track bearing the title of the compilation ALLAH YA TSARE
started with a sample of the late Dan Marayan Jos vocals and kontigi. Then there is a drift to a hardcore rap beat with BOC spitting his first sixteen. On the hook BOC is asking for God’s Guide while you hear Dan Marayan’s vocal in the background.
Rating: 3.5/5

3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

Paul McPetros
Fela With The Pen

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